1. G’ day. That’s static in the attic mate!. We ain’t no chookhens. How about “Arcs”??.
    73’s ‘an all that! Bruce Up North.

  2. Was the collective noun ever resolved?

    A common nickname for any RO in Australia is “Chook”. The nickname seems to have originated with Jacky Wigg (a Deck Rating c1950s) who used to joke about the Radio Rooms sounding like a “bloody chook house”.

    During the early 1980s the Radio Room (and ROs Mess at some training establisments) was often referred to as “The Roost”.

    The senior/chief RO was “The Rooster”, and all other ROs were “Chooks” but had the usual pecking order.

    Over the years I have heard various collective nouns, usually specific to the station/organisation. Some that I recall are:

    Chattering of ROs/Chooks (maritime & land mobile)

    Flight of ROs/Chooks (aeronautical base)

    Roost of ROs/Chooks (maritime & land mobile)

    Wreck of ROs/Chooks (coast stations)

  3. When I was working as a Monitoring Officer in the Netherlands all my collaegues were former Radio Officers and we always were talking about the “Nest of Radio Officers”.

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