MCR 1 Gallery

History of the Miniature Communications Receiver 1 Serial Number 73832

The following information and photographs have been donated to the Radio Officers’ Association website, the donor wishes to remain anomynous at this time. We respect his wishes and convey our gratitude for his generosity.

This particular MCR1 suitcase transceiver was operational during the years 1944/45 by a then young lady, who is in her 90’s and still reads morse! It was her personal equipment when she was a serving member of the British S.O.E in Norway. When she moved from safe house to another location she moved without the set. This was delivered later, usually again by a young female with a baby in a pram. The set was wrapped in soiled nappies, and placed in the bottom of the pram. The pram was inspected at checkpoints, but they were  not interested in inspecting dirty nappies, so the MCR1 was thus delivered to the next safe house.

The MCR1 was used extensively in WWII, and had quite a history in the Far East and Europe.

The following two photographs are the operating instructions, for their age are in extremely good condition.

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