Barking College of Technology

I was at the Barking College of Technology MRO course 1966 – 1969, when I completed the PMG 2nd Class and then 1st Class (I got my radar ticket on leave the following year).  The senior lecturer was a Dutchman called Hank Boendermaker, a first rate CW man and great on the technical stuff too.  One of the lecturers was an Irishman called Jim Callaghan, who later joined the ROA and died only a few months ago.Subsequent cohorts to mine had lady students, including a brother-and-sister act.  The college became part of North London Polytechnic and is now, I believe, part of the East London University.

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Dave Ellis.


  1. Hi, Did Radar Maintenance at Barking in Spring/Summer 1976. Don’t remember an awful lot but do remember Hank. The exams where right at the height of the ’76 heatwave. Imagine radars sizzling with dripping sweat as we tried to do the fault finding practical!

  2. Hi
    I joined the course in the first year it started when it was known as South East Essex Technical College. That was in 1962 if I remember correctly. I took a couple of years or so to pass P MG , there were many distractions at the College at the time mainly from the females on different courses !! I remember Hank and Jim Callaghan who was a great character.
    Travelling from my digs in Bounds Green every day to Barking and working weekends to pay my way didn’t help with study but it was all worth it that walk up the gang plank on joining my first ship. Happy days !

    Regards to all
    Reg Pain

  3. Bob, Thanks for your informative response. I guess we were just ships passing in the night! Another ex-Barking student is Tony Roskilly/G3ZRJ, very well known in the amateur radio arena and ex-GKA etc. Tony was a first-year student when I was doing my second year and I hardly knew him then, but we’ve had many QSOs on the key in latter years. I believe Tony may now be an ROA member.

    Regars and 73s,


  4. Hello Dave

    I was also at the same colleges 1969 to 1971 for the first MRGC course although I remember them the opposite to you attending the North East London Polytechnic and then moving to Barking College of Technology.

    I lived in Brentwood and used to take the Liverpool Street main line from Brentwood to Good Mayes and walk to the Polytechnic. They moved to Barking part way through my stint and if I recall it was the train to Romford and the a bus however I haven’t live in Essex since 77 so memory a bit vague.

    I recall both Hank Boendermaker and Jim Callaghan and several others in my mind but can’t put names to them. Hank as you say was a first rate CW man and I remember him out the front of the class banging away on the key at us poor individuals.

    I flunked the final exam can’t remember what for and returned for a further term and then joining GTZM for first trip as junior in December 72.

    Returned to Barking for the DTI Radar in 73 and the Electronics Diploma at Bristol in 78.

    I’m guessing we missed each other by one course.

    Bob Carswell

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