MRD 2024

Registration is now open for Maritime Radio Day 2024 which takes place on the 14th and 15th April. Following the closure of SFK Bremen last year the ROA agreed to host the MRD website and manage the administration of this event. Our sincere thanks to Rolf Marschner/DL9CM, Colleagues, Founders and all those involved in the successful running of this event during previous years. It is greatly appreciated.

To Register go to:-  Maritime Radio Day Registration – The Radio Officers Association

Email enquiries – [email protected]

Commencing at 12.00Z on the 14th and finishing at 2200Zon the 15th this event is a great opportunity to QSO with fellow ex- RO and Coast Station professionals. Please join in and make this another memorable and enjoyable event.

We look forward to your participation.


Ofcom Amateur Licence Changes

Ofcom has released a document titled “Updating the amateur radio licensing framework”. The document states that amateur radio licences will be changing in 2024 and provides details of the changes that are planned.

These include adjustments to the overall licensing framework and rules in a number of areas including call signs, technical parameters, and licence format, terms and conditions.

Please read the 4-page summary to understand how these changes may impact your licence.

In addition, holders of Special Contest Callsigns (SCC) must reapply for them before the end of 2024.



Once again, our Group has had a successful Autumn, achieving Runner Up position in the RSGB 80M Autumn series of contests which comprise CW, Data and SSB events. Although we started with an early lead in September our main Competitor’s greater pool of team members meant that we were ground down into runner up position once more. Congrats again to Adam/G0ORY for his consistently high scores and overall 4th place in the UK Series. Excellent scores were also achieved by Geoff/G20, David/ G3PLE, Bob/G6C and Robin/G3OGP in some of the individual events. We need some more ROARS team members to boost our fire power so If you can join in for one or more of these events, we would really appreciate your assistance. ROARS C.G. members also take part in a number of international events throughout the year. These include the CQ WW DX and WPX events sponsored by CQ Magazine. More about these events later.

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RSGB 80M CC Competition 2024

The ROARS team have again excelled in the RSGB 80M 2023 event, this comprises three sections CW, SSB and Data modes, and came third overall. The event was supposed to be just a practice for the main event of 2023 the RSGB 80M Autumn Event.

The team are always looking to bolster their numbers, so why not join us and have a go – even if only competing in the CW section, the session lasts for only 90 minutes, and you never know you may enjoy it.

Help with logging software and general setting up is always available. Please look at the link below-

In the past few months we have welcomed the follwoing members to the team – Sandra/G0MCV, Adam/G0ORY
and Graham/G4JBD.

Ofcom Consultation Document

Ofcom are proposing to make a number of changes to the amateur radio licensing framework, to make sure it meets the needs of today and tomorrow’s radio amateurs.

You can view the document at the following Link:-

Consultation: Updating the amateur radio licensing framework (

Comments should be submitted to Ofcom by Sept. 4th 2023.

RSGB 80M Autumn Event 2024

The ROARS team have been busy over the Spring and Summer months – honing their skills in the three sections of the RSGB 80M events, CW, SSB and DATA. This to compete in the Autumn series event, where in 2022 the team finished in a very respectful second place, not bad for the first time.

The Autumn 2024 event is to start this September – and the team are looking to increase their numbers in order to strive for the topspot. You are not obliged to compete in all three sections, but this would be desirable, just CW would help the team considerably. Some of the team members, that joined last year, with a just to see how it goes attitude, have got the bug for this contest, which lasts for only 90 minutes, and cannot wait for the next operating date.

If interested please email Geoff Valentine at sparksatsea(at)

Details of the event can be found at the following website address:-


UKEI CONTEST 2023/2024

ROARS UKEI contest team.

If you hate amateur radio contests ignore this appeal.

This is an invitation to join in a different series of contests and at the same time promote the ROA. Different – well forget the wham bam 599 Serial number at 35 wpm the aim is good accurate operating and exchanging your six digit locator. On 80m one hour a month at 2000z CW and SSB each. Runs from September to April (December excepted). Distance  per QSO is the score basis not points per QSO.

See UKEICC website for details.

I am looking for ROARS operators to enter the UKEI series as individuals and allow their result to be included in the group section as well.

It would be fantastic if ROARS could have a team representing both UK and EI in recognition of the RO’s who trained together at Wireless College .

Let me know if you would like to be part of the team.

David Barlow

[email protected]


ROARS Chairman Peter Gavin has advised that we have been contacted by member Bernard VK2IB from Australia as follows.

Quality Telegraphy Time – QTT

This is an Australian initiative to promote contacts and friendships between former professional CW Operators which was brought to our attention by Bernard VK2IB. Full details of this initiative and their QTT Hour can be found on the website links below.

About QTT Hour

QTT Frequencies




  1. Looking forwards to the RSGB Autumn Events.
    de Bill G0ELZ. CW only since 1998.

  2. There is an excellent picture of Bruce GW4XXF on page 92 of August’s RadCom showing him at home in his fully equipped Marconi radio room and in uniform. (He’s too young to have wavy braid!)

  3. Congrats on the additions to the ROARS page Dave, great to see all the callsigns and we can identify more with the callers on air!


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