Northern Counties Radio School

I commenced training at NCRS in July of 1954 at the age of 15, earning my 2nd Class PMG in Nov. 1955. For the next seven years I travelled widely in the MN returning to NCRS to obtain my 1st Class PMG in Feb ’64. Before my course ended one of our lecturers suddenly announced he was leaving NCRS with immediate effect thus causing panic because there were no spare staff to take his classes. I had made it known that I was seeking shore employment and J.J.O,Callaghan, the owner of NCRS asked me if I would replace the lecturer who had resigned. As I had intended to retire from sea life I accepted.  I remained teaching at NCRS for the next three years when I got married and we moved out of the area. After a two-year break  when I worked in mechanical engineering, I obtain a lecturer’s position in the newly open Fleetwood Nautical College, again teaching PMG and associated subjects. I only stayed at Fleetwood for twelve months before transferring to the RAF’s School of Technical Training in the Midlands. I stayed in the post for the next 34 years before my retirement age of 65. However, my “retirement” only last for about three weeks before I got a desparate call for held from the nearby University. Their only electronics lecturer had taken advantage of an early-retirement offer and the summer semester was about to begin; would I fill the ‘gap’! I remained lecturing at the University until I was 76 years old  when my legs gave out and I had to retire for good. Altogether I spent 51 years teaching and lecturing electronics and associated subjects.     Altogether a really wonderful life!

Alan Keith Davies

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