Membership of the ROA is open to those who have served as Radio Officers in a Merchant Navy, Coast Station Service or in the Civil Aeronautical industry. Any other person, who could further the aims and objectives of the Association, is also welcome.  The Chairman recently attended a meeting of a local radio amateur society and it was pointed out that people had not joined because they felt they could not do so under our rules as they had not gone to sea.  For the avoidance of doubt, this is not the case, we welcome anyone with with an interest in radio communications and/or links to the sea and/or wishes to further our aims as above.  Although British based, our membership is open to all nationalities. Several of our members neither went to sea nor were involved in communications as such but love the camaraderie that our Association brings.  We would welcome membership applications from radio amateurs whatever your background and this way you can become active on our weekly nets.


The annual subscription is £20.00 payable in January of each year.  If you join after 1st June of any year your subscription will be £10.00 for that year and if you join after 1st October it will be £5.00 for that year.  Membership fees for all subsequent years will, of course, be £20.  Payment can be by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal, which is always cheaper for overseas members and is now the non UK payment method of choice. If you wish to use an electronic method of joining and/or payment please use the contract form on this website and we will respond with details.  We will not publish email addresses in an open forum. Cheques should be made payable to The Radio Officers’ Association, and posted to the Membership Secretary & Treasurer John Chalmers:-
Mr J. Chalmers, 43 Stafford Road, Greenock, Inverclyde PA16 0TG

Application form

All completed applications should be sent to the address on the form, also please ensure that your e-mail address, if any, is PRINTED and legible:-


The Association publishes a quarterly journal (QSO) which generally comprises 75+ packed A4 pages of information about past and forthcoming events, sea stories and memories, former Wireless College news, book reviews, letters to the editor and much more. From time to time supplements may appear. QSO is available in paper or pdf format.


A high proportion of ROA members are also Radio Amateurs and membership of the Association provides automatic membership of the Radio Officers Amateur Radio Society.