Registration is now open for Maritime Radio Day 2024 which takes place on the 14th and 15th April. Following the closure of SFK Bremen last year the ROA agreed to host the MRD website and manage the administration of this event. Our sincere thanks to Rolf Marschner/DL9CM, Colleagues, Founders and all those involved in the successful running of this event during previous years. It is greatly appreciated.

To Register go to:-  Maritime Radio Day Registration – The Radio Officers Association

Email enquiries – [email protected]

Commencing at 12.00Z on the 14th and finishing at 2200Z on the 15th this event is a great opportunity to QSO with fellow ex- RO and Coast Station professionals. Please join in and make this another memorable and enjoyable event.

We look forward to your participation.

ROA MRD Admin 

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  1. Hi, I am a very new member of ROA and ROARS and will be participating in the Maritime Radio Day tomorrow and Monday, 14th and 15th, using my own callsign ZS5PL and operating on behalf of DurbanRadio/ZSD. In the past we have made very few contacts with stations in Europe and the USA or Far East, possibly because a lot of such stations use beam antennas which are not pointed to the South very often, if at all! My friend, Bruce Dunn/ZS5XT, and I will be hoping to make a few more QSO’s than previously and would request that Operators from the North of the planet turn their beams down this way every now and again and listen for us. Being down at the bottom of South Africa and close to vast expanses of ocean, our static levels can also be very high so excuse us if we have to ask for repeats of info. Enjoy the event and looking forward to lots of QSO’s

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