World War 2 book

For information of membership if interested I am publishing the memoir of my late father (Alex. Anderson), ‘Hunter to Hunted – Surviving Hitler’s Wolf Packs’ (Diaries of a Merchant Navy Radio Officer, 1939-45). Graduating from the Dundee Wireless College, he served on Salvesen ships on the North Atlantic Convoys from age 19 as 3rd R/O … Read more


I attended a meeting last evening, and the topic of diminishing manning and increasing extra duties on the Bridge (and within Engine Room) came up.  The issues appear to be of growing concern.  One former Master Mariner openly stated that the premature removal of Radio Officers is proving detrimental to the efficiency and effectiveness of … Read more

All Ships, All Ships

My new book about the history of the UK’s short/medium range Coast Stations is now available to purchase – entitled ‘All Ships, All Ships’ it has over 500 pages of history, photographs and memories, and can be ordered via Amazon and other online retailers. A limited number of signed copies are available via the GKA … Read more

CW on the BBC

Howard, WB2UZE, of the Long Island CW Club (LICW) was interviewed for a BBC radio program about the clubs efforts to teach CW to new operators and keep the craft alive. A Scottish operator was able to capture the broadcast OTA and shared it on youtube. It’s worth the 5 minutes of time to listen.  … Read more

40 Years Ago Today


QSO March

Another great issue.But one comment re: Tom Merrill’s article “I see no Ships”.Tom mentions the War Office having a tx/rx station located at Boddington outside Chelmsford. Can’t find that, however, not too far from me is an MoD site in the village of Boddington just to the West of Cheltenham. This used to be known … Read more

Cipher Machines and Cryptology

Here’s a trip down memory lane for some of you, particularly those of you who served in the RFA back in the day.  No doubt you will remember the KL-7 crypto machine.  What a beast that was… If you’d like to revisit the KL-7 you’ll find an excellent simulator on the Cipher Machines and Cryptology … Read more

Social Distance Reading:-)

Hello Everyone, Now we’re in isolation/keeping social distance I’ve been catching up on my reading:-) I’ve just finished reading Radio Man: Marconi Sahib, next it’ll be Take care everyone and keep your social distance & safe.  We will defeat COVID-19. 73 DE Declan G4RGH/EI5EZ

Forthcoming book on GKA

I have only recently joined the ROA and noticed  Larry Bennett’s request for input  to his book on GKA. I did try the Portishead Radio website but the firewall on my PC didn’t like it but I gather it is still under construction. I only served as a R/O for 4 years with B.P. Tanker … Read more

Forthcoming book on GKA

I am currently in the final stages of writing the complete history of Portishead Radio/GKA. I still have a little bit of research to complete on some of the services which the station offered, but intend to have my first draft completed by the end of March. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the long-range … Read more


Just joined the ROA after many years of procrastination….. I run the Portishead Radio/GKA website at which is proving popular – there are still some pages under construction but these will be populated as and when time permits. Plenty of photographs, sound files and audio clips, as well as some scans of historical documents … Read more

ss Explorer Preservation Society

Would you be kind enough to circulate this to your membership please on behalf of the SS Explorer Preservation Society? SS. Explorer,  a large, 1000t,  1955 steam powered sidewinder trawler on the Historic Ships Register is being slowly reinstated as a heritage visitor attraction in the port of Leith, Edinburgh.  It is open for … Read more

Barking College of Technology

It used to be called South East Essex Technical College before it became Barking Regional College of Technology. After I came ashore and had started work in Television I went there in 1968 to do Colour Television Principles Course, they only had NTSC (American) equipment as PAL was very new then.             I obtained a City … Read more

Palm Line

Spotted something recently on a book about Palm Line.I did a trip down West Africa on Makeni Palm in ’ R/O Skipper was Hughie Bunker and I believe Steward was a chap called Bryce. Anyone help with the book title on info on the two men. Tks Gerry Grimes

The Beacon Man by David Marshall

Published in Nautilus International Telegraph vol 49., Number 11., November 2016. Former MN radio and electronics officer DAVID MARSHALL has received worldwide acclaim as the inventor of the worlds first personal-locator beacon-inspired  by his own experience of falling overboard as a young man. But he hasn’t always found it plain sailing in the business world…. … Read more

Merchant Navy Medal

I have Been Nominated to receive the MERCHANT NAVY MEDAL 2015. The citation is on website goto other notices check 21st October 2015. I consider this represents ROA/MRWS efforts during the Lusitania Event May/2015.and ongoing work onboard the Planet LV 23 berthed in Liverpool.Further Information can be found on the website

Vale Dick Moody

Yes I also remember Dick. He started at what was then Southampton Tech in St Marys Street in about 1958 or 9. From memory he took over from a Mr Robinson. Dick was 2nd R/O on the tug Turmoil and his Chief was….? The Chief also taught at Soton Tech with radar being his subject. … Read more

Vale Dick Moody

I was saddened to note the passing of Dick Moody, announced in the recent edition of QSO.  I was a student at the Southampton College of Technology back in the early 1970s, where Dick taught me – and many, many others – the intricacies of the Morse code.  I well remember his soft Hampshire accent … Read more

QSL Cards

During the recent AGM a collection of QSL cards received by the ROA station, M0ROA, was on display, and many attendees enjoyed viewing them.  Some of these have beautiful or ingenious photographs on the back. In order to share these with the rest of the membership, we are going to load one of the best from … Read more

Radio officers on BBC ALBA

Hi Tony.   A suggestion for those of us unable to access that BBC programme with iPlayer.   Were you to bring a DVD copy to our upcoming AGM get together at Chelmsford, t’would be good!.  Bound to be a decent screen there.     73’s OM,   Bruce Graham.

Ships Callsigns

Hi Everyone Despite my best efforts I have been unable to locate the call signs of the following British vessels I served on as RO. I would be delighted if anyone can help find/supply  them. Many thanks in advance! Shell Tanker    ST Hadriania Stevie Clarke Collier   –  SS Brimsdown Border Shipping  Tanker – MT Border Chieftain … Read more

Appreciation for TLSF

I have worked a Hereford farmer, callsign G4FAD, on the key many times in the last few years under my own callsign, G4AJY.  Richard is a first-class CW man.  He was unaware I am also M0ROA, the ROA callsign. He heard me running the ROA net tonight and called me up afterwards, when he was … Read more

Newark HamFest

Yesterday I was at the Annual HamFest in Newark,  one of the bigger Amateur Radio annual rallies.  The RSGB had a very large bookstall (the equivalent of about 3 shop fronts), but no copies of our book. The PW bookstall, which wasn’t as big but still worth about 2 shop fronts, had 3 copies when … Read more

German ROA

As the holder of the ROA callsign M0ROA I occasionally have a CW QSO with Rolf Marschener/DL9CM, a leading light in the German ROA and a principle organiser of MRD (Marine Radio Day). We were chatting on the key today and he told me the German ROA had its annual meeting last week, its 60th … Read more

Recent Death of REOU District Ken Klosser

It is with deep regret I report the passing of Ken Klosser who was District Secretary of the NW based in Liverpool. Ken will be remembered by many ROU/REOU members, Ken died in early May and was cremated in Liverpool 6th June. Please read the “In Memorium” Page for the full obituary. RIP

A request for help

We have been contacted by Dr. Jo Stanley requesting information from our members about female Radio Officers. Jo asks ” I’m writing an educational book about women’s history at sea, which includes a chapter on R/Os. Already I’ve put together something from a Ship’s Nostalgia discussion, Joanna Greenlaw’s book, and various other sources. But I could … Read more