1. OK, the pictures may be some ten years before my own younger days.
    But that kind of communications (CW) is still in order by the
    hams and also in military use and aviations ADFs.
    And all the young kids today knowing the
    “dididit dadah dididit”. So i’ll use the words of a friend:
    A life without CW is possible but pointless!

    73 Juergen

  2. What a gem. Before my time too but not that much had changed by the 1960s/70s. Receiving a telegram on a typewriter! I could never do that – too fiddly. Could take down the news on the Empress of England straight to a typewriter at about 35 wpm though.
    Love the part of the film with ships en-voyage. Gives one a sense of their speed and mission.
    I notice the qtc was to the Queen Mary via Awarua/ZLB but Welllington/ZLW got the kudos. When alongside at Bluff NZ on Port Line ships in the mid 60s, one of the operators from ZLB used to pay friendly visits unannounced.

  3. Thank you for posting the video clip I always enjoy footage of the R/O at work. Although this is a little before my time it offers a factual glimpse into the past. I confess to being bemused when I hear referrence to the ‘ operator’ I attribute this to the wavy braid, preferring the updated version. Thanks again and look forward to more of the same.

    Robert Armstrong

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