Does your uniform still fit?

There was talk earlier (I think from Tony) of posting photographs in the gallery of those who can still get into their uniforms.  This should be fun!  Whereabouts in the gallery should they be inserted?

Dave Ellis.


  1. Uniform – Has anyone got a pic. of the Plymouth CFE/Polytechnic R/O uniform “Green Spark” coller tabs / Gorget ?

  2. Hi There,

    I have a great photo of Willie Williamson and I in his garden, he looked very like a U-Boat Captain,
    I think my uniform was on a Dummy for the AGM we had at the Adelphi but easily got into Bill Harrisons. Now I have my own uniform back I have changed the Buttons to the old 1912 Marconi Buttons,also changed the braid , removed the Anchor and crown from my Cap badge and put in an “M” for Marconi. I appeared at the Fort in it and am attending a Titanic Event at the Grange Hotel on the 27th April – 50 years ago – I am now 76.

    Will post both photographs later

    Stan McNally

  3. Just to prove that Dave can still fit in his uniform check in Galleries, sub section Ships, Radio Rooms and Radio Officers for the visual evidence.

  4. Dave

    To have a photo posted you need to send it to me at my email address and I will then re-size it if necessary (no pun intended) and then insert it into the website. The section that is most relevant will be ‘Galleries’ under the sub heading of Ships, Radio Rooms and Radio Officers I think.
    From memory you may well be one of the few of us that can still fit in their old uniforms. I certainly can not!

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