QSL Cards

During the recent AGM a collection of QSL cards received by the ROA station, M0ROA, was on display, and many attendees enjoyed viewing them.  Some of these have beautiful or ingenious photographs on the back. In order to share these with the rest of the membership, we are going to load one of the best from … Read more

Appreciation for TLSF

I have worked a Hereford farmer, callsign G4FAD, on the key many times in the last few years under my own callsign, G4AJY.  Richard is a first-class CW man.  He was unaware I am also M0ROA, the ROA callsign. He heard me running the ROA net tonight and called me up afterwards, when he was … Read more

Newark HamFest

Yesterday I was at the Annual HamFest in Newark,  one of the bigger Amateur Radio annual rallies.  The RSGB had a very large bookstall (the equivalent of about 3 shop fronts), but no copies of our book. The PW bookstall, which wasn’t as big but still worth about 2 shop fronts, had 3 copies when … Read more

German ROA

As the holder of the ROA callsign M0ROA I occasionally have a CW QSO with Rolf Marschener/DL9CM, a leading light in the German ROA and a principle organiser of MRD (Marine Radio Day). We were chatting on the key today and he told me the German ROA had its annual meeting last week, its 60th … Read more

Maritime Radio Day 2013

Tony Sedman pointed out that there’s some doubt as to whether MRD lasts 35 or 36 hours.  I’m not sure myself!  I’ve seen both times from different members of the organising team.  I would think if you’re still on the key at 2300 (which will be midnight by then, BST) you won’t care if it … Read more

Marine Radio Day (MRD) 2013.

Ex-R/Os organise a Marine Radio Day on the air each year.  During this time, those with a radio amateur license go on air and exchange callsigns and names of their last or favourite ship.  QRK and QSA is given and Silence Periods observed. The number of participants is very impressive – many thousands over the … Read more

My copy of “The Long Silence Falls” has arrived.  A very professional production indeed!  I had a quick glance at the content and have already begun browsing.  It’s going to be good reading for some time to come. So congratulations to the whole team for bringing this huge project to such a successful conclusion.  The … Read more

Listening around …

A week ago last Thursday evening from 1900 to 1925 I was listening on 7.025 MHz and heard an ROA member working several stations.  I subsequently learned he was unaware that he only had to nudge his dial down to 7.017 Mhz at 1930 any Thursday evening to be able to listen to and join … Read more


The ROARS group has recently updated their pages on this site.  A lot of dated material has been archived and their mission is now displayed prominently.  New information has been posted showing clearly how RO’s can contribute to and help the amateur radio fraternity, especially in times of national disaster or emergency.  It offers assistance … Read more