Appreciation for TLSF

I have worked a Hereford farmer, callsign G4FAD, on the key many times in the last few years under my own callsign, G4AJY.  Richard is a first-class CW man.  He was unaware I am also M0ROA, the ROA callsign.

He heard me running the ROA net tonight and called me up afterwards, when he was surprised to find out it was me on the key.  During our subsequent chat he said how much he had enjoyed reading “The Long Silence Falls,” so much so that he specifically pressed me to let the team know and to congratulate them on the book. So, on behalf of Richard, well done again Tony and the team.  You have spread a lot of goodwill out there.


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  1. I have to say that TLSF has kept me awake for the past few nights. It has really brought back the memories in a big way. My time at sea was 1953 – 1962 so the ships I sailed on were wartime builds or older in most cases. The equipment was not up to the standards described in most of the TLSF anecdotes. Great book, and a credit to those of you who put it together.

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