Training Schools

This page has been redeveloped as of May 2023  We intend to open a drop down for as many schools as we can.  Our former colleges are a subject of great interest to many former R/O’s and I hope we can build up a good archive.  Some of the photos will have been used in the Long Silence Falls but are worth repeating in a different environment.


  1. Regrettably my memory doesn’t provide me with any level of detail about my time there but in 1964 I up-graded my 2nd Class PMG to a 1st Class and got my Radar Maintenance Certificate at South Shilelds Marine and Technical College. I remember the name of only one lecturer, Jimmy Doig, who ran the radar course and he was excellent and a veritable joy to learn with. As is the way of ageing memories, I suspect that other names will drift into my consciousness as time passes. At that time the college had at least one class of youngsters taking combined PMG and C & G courses, not all of them will have gone to sea but there must be a fair number of retired R/Os around who started at the South Shields college and graduated via the Westoe.

  2. I think you might want to add Northern Counties Radio School in Preston Lancashire to your list of training schools, hopefully there are still some ex R/O’s who went there.

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