Welcome to the Maritime Radio Day page

The yearly event 14th to 15th of April

To all participants – Hand on your heart, did you read the rules of the MRD? No, definitely not – please read on!

  1. First, no registration, no certificate!
  2. Please read the Rules (click to view). You can register from January 1st until registration deadline always April 1st.
  3. Record your logs using this template. A log summary should be submitted online after participation (14th/15th April) and no later than April 30th at midnight (see item 7, below).
  4. For result-information please only use Word .doc/.docx or pdf formats. All former marine radio officers can only give me (by fair play!) the number of ships, coastal radio stations special stations and radio amateurs.
  5. I don’t need any logs from you. There is no difference between a ham and a friend of MRD. Spec stations are lightvessels, museum, ships, and radio schools.
  6. Check your email addresses – that’s where your certificate of participation will be sent.
  7. Deadline for logs is April 30th Midnight.

Thanks to everyone for participation.