MRD News Updates


MRD registration Closed April 1st Midnight.

MRD Takes place from 1200 UTC April 14th to 2200 UTC April 15th 2024.

MRD Log Upload Page active April 16th 0001 UTC. Please follow instructions!

MRD Log Upload Page Closed April 30th Midnight.

MRD Final Results Published 2nd/3rd May.

Emails with COP links will be sent out in Batches after Log Summaries uploaded and checked. Please be Patient you will receive your email.

Please Note

During MRD please listen out for DX Stations on 20M 15M and 10M and give them space to operate. This year 3 x ZS stations 3x VK along with WSC WCCKPHNMF are taking part.

Thanks to everyone for your participation!

MRD Admin.