Fort Perch Rock Museum

Museum Located at Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton, Merseyside.

The Museum project was mainly instigated by Stan McNally, with the help of other ex Merchant Navy Radio Officers’ Mike Goulbourne and John Hudson,and members of the LMRES [Liverpool Marine Radio and Electronics Society] to whom we must owe our gratitude for saving the three full ships radio room equipments. The equipments available for public display are Marconi and Kelvin Hughes types.  It is well worth a visit if you are in the area and is real trip down memory lane for Radio Officers.

The following photographs have been kindly donated to the Radio Officers Association. If any member would like a copy of any photograph displayed from the museum, then please contact the Association by utilising the ‘Contact’ page.


  1. all the gear was removed after closing of fort perch rock.
    some went to malta.
    some went to the museum of light and power in west wales.
    so the gear was saved. many ex r/os helped remove the gear
    boy was it heavy but a very nostalgic day

  2. Bernard, that depends on the condition of the batteries that are charging your memory bank. I think in my case a bit more electrolyte might be needed because the remaining ‘little grey cells’ are not what they were.

  3. Hey! How can all that gear belong in a museum? I sailed on various ships with all of the stuff pictured here and it wasn’t that long ago. Was it? Surely not!

    The more I carpe, the fewer the diem as they say.

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