Marine Radio Day (MRD) 2013.

Ex-R/Os organise a Marine Radio Day on the air each year.  During this time, those with a radio amateur license go on air and exchange callsigns and names of their last or favourite ship.  QRK and QSA is given and Silence Periods observed.

The number of participants is very impressive – many thousands over the 36-hour event.  Some old friends are reunited, new ones made, and everyone has a lot of fun.  A fair number of ex-coast station operators come up and act as coast stations on the day – GKA, PCH, DAN and further afield.

This year’s event takes place from 1200Z April 14th to 2300Z April 15th.  All bands will be used, though from experience the busiest is 40m.

As part of the ROA drive for more publicity, we are going to use the club callsign MX0ROA.  All QSOs will be used to advertise ourselves.  I believe we are the first of the various RO associations to do this.

We are looking for UK-licensed operators to use the MX0ROA callsign in 2-hour slots.  You can do this from your own home-based station.  I hold the license for this callsign, and all you need is my permission.  Two slots are already taken, so don’t hang about!  Of course, you can revert to your own callsign outside the 2-hour slot and carry on working the event

If you are unlicensed, but would like to get on the key for this event, it can be done.  You need to visit with a licensed operator and, under the terms of the license, he can allow you to use his station and callsign “under supervision.”  Imagine working GKA or another ship on the key after all these years!  If you would like to do this, get in touch and we will try to link you up with a suitable operator.

The ROA input is being organised by the ROARS group.  Please get in touch if you would like more information or wish to participate.

This event was started many years ago by our own David Barlow, but is now organised by Rolf Marschener with another German and Italian colleague.  The website is  Whether you are going to use MX0ROA or not, you are requested to register with the website for the event.

Hope to work you on air on the day!

Dave Ellis.


  1. I replied directly to Tony, but here is the QSL Policy for MRD:

    Only QSLs via the buro and EQSLs will be used. We do not ask for QSLs, but, if asked, agree to supply one. I have a good stock of the latest ROA QSL cards and will do the donkey work if you provide the following: callsign, band, date, QSA/QRK, name. Preferably in an .adif file, but any format accepted. The same goes for EQSL.

    There is no special QSL card for the event, but the new ROA QSL card is fine and will do the job nicely.


  2. Hello Dave,
    Many thanks for listing me to use the call MX0ROA for the Maritime Radio Day (MRD) 14th-15th April 2013.
    I have notified CEPT management Istanbul. Turkey about my intention to operate as MX0ROA with the provisio that the call is prefixed TA4/MX0ROA.
    I’m taking the YAESU FT 450D and the I-PRO Traveller Antenna plus a few ancillary bits and pieces.
    Had to download the CEPT Rules in P/L Turkish for the benefit of Customs at the airport and local Police. As you know Turkey is a CEPT country and they (radio amateur management) obviously think it prudent to have a copy of the CEPT conditions handy for those officials who may ask for it. Otherwise I may end up festering in a Turkish jail accused of being a spy !
    What do we do about QSL’s, I guess there will be a special QSL-card for this event?
    73 Tony Sedman. G3LAA.

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