Listening around …

A week ago last Thursday evening from 1900 to 1925 I was listening on 7.025 MHz and heard an ROA member working several stations.  I subsequently learned he was unaware that he only had to nudge his dial down to 7.017 Mhz at 1930 any Thursday evening to be able to listen to and join in on the ROA net.  Now that he is aware, our colleague intends to join in the nets.
If you are using your morse key elsewhere, why not join in?  And if your morse key hasn’t been used for a while, why not dust it off and give the net a call?  If you aren’t licensed or don’t know how to get back on the air, take a look at the ROARS page on this site.
The net is usually run by Charles Shelton (G0GJS), ROA committee member, and sometimes by myself (G4AJY) or Mike Sherrif (G0CHV). There are always interesting contacts, including some of our Irish colleagues.  Hope to QSO with you there!
Dave Ellis.   😉

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