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Hi Everyone

Despite my best efforts I have been unable to locate the call signs of the following British vessels I served on as RO. I would be delighted if anyone can help find/supply  them.

Many thanks in advance!

Shell Tanker    ST Hadriania

Stevie Clarke Collier   –  SS Brimsdown

Border Shipping  Tanker – MT Border Chieftain

BISN Cargo ship – MS Sirsa

and Chapman & Willan Cargo ship – MV Brighton


Peter /2E0PTG


  1. Correction to my previous post:

    I wrote World Promise twice!
    The second one should read World Protector (Niarchos Product Carrier) Greek flag.


  2. Hi Everyone!

    Can anyone help me with call signs for these ships I sailed on back in the 80s?

    World Kudos (Niarchos tanker) Liberian flag
    World Promise (Niarchos Product Carrier) Greek flag
    World Promise (Niarchos Product Carrier) Greek flag
    Iver Chaser (Wallems Ship Management Gas & Product Carrier) Flag ?
    Silver Tower (Wallems Reefer) Flag ?


  3. As anew member of ROA, I was delighted to see that there was a forum discussion on call signs. I have a few myself that I would love to have a memory jog on if there is any one with the answers.
    I would like to know call signs for the following ships:
    ss “Rajah”, Asiatic Steam Nav.Co.Ltd.
    ss “Maharajah” ” ”
    ss “Henzee” Euxine Shipping Co.Ltd I remember her as GBVD
    ss “Hendi” ” ”
    ss “Helka” ” ”
    ss “Hendrik” ” ”
    ss “Wembley Hill” Counties Ship Management Co.Ltd

  4. Hi Peter, thanks for the chats via email. I’m really sorry about the Brighton, My
    worst was the good ship Odudowa/5NAD, of Nigerian National Lines. I still shudder
    when I remember it.
    By the way, if you go to, you’ll find a brilliant site about Shell Tankers.
    There is a potted history of where/when built/scrapped etc. Also a section where
    former crew members can insert their names/dates on board.
    Only thing is, Hadriania’s call sign is given there as GSWD

    • Many thanks Ian!
      That trip on the Brighton was one of the strangest ones I had for a variety of reasons. No blame attached to you for that!!
      By coincidence I have found the Hadriania call-sign in another of my notebooks (badly written) listed as GSWD as well. I was not sure about the W but you seem to have confirmed that. I will follow up on that website.
      Thanks again and see you on the Bands!

  5. Hi Peter, I did a run from London docks up to the Tyne for drydock on the Brighton
    sometime in the 60’s as R/O. Wasn’t too impressed with her or her standard of accommodation. Was on a running Agreement for the trip north and Marconi wanted
    me to change articles and go foreign going on her. I didn’t do so because it was a 2
    year charter and the fact that all she had TX-wise were a pair of Reliances!
    ps retired and living in Cyprus now, sat my HEREC exam last November as I was
    looking for a hobby and met up with the guys from the Paphos Ham Club. Just this
    week been given the call sign 5B4ALD. You might here me on HF once I get a rig
    put together.

    • Hi Ian
      Many thanks for the QSOs and info received via email. Delighted you are back on the air again and look forward to a QSO in Morse when your fist is back in shape again.

  6. Peter, Here you are

    Hadriania GSWD

    Brimsdown MFTB

    Border Chieftain GGSA

    Sirsa GCWM

    Brighton GJNW


    • Tony
      That’s brilliant! Thank You!
      Such a quick response.
      I will ensure that you are suitably rewarded with liquid refreshments when next we meet! (Probably AGM)

    • Hi Tony
      Sorry to trouble you again but would you be able to finds the call-sign for my first ship (which I omitted) which was:
      City of Eastbourne an Ellerman ship?
      The Hadriania call-sign appears to be GSWD but I will double check on that again.
      Thanks again!

      • Hi Peter
        It is indeed GSWD, that was a typo on my part for which I apologise. I should have checked. The other c/s are correct. Drawn a blank on City of Eastbourne so far. She was built in 1962 and my reference books are 1955 and 1974, by which time she had obviously moved on. I am going to try another source.

      • Peter, I have found it. She was GHNU. She was re-named City of Toronto in 1971 and retained the same call sign.

  7. Oops sorry!
    Hi Peter,
    The above service should read “Library & Archive Services ITU”
    Hope this helps and good luck.
    Allen / G0AGC

  8. Hi Peter,
    In Feb 2012 I managed to find four of my old ships call signs (that I couldn ‘t remember) through; “Library @ Archive Services ITU”.
    Using their “Contact Service” I provided them with the ships details (from my discharge Book) and the dates I sailed on them. I received a reply within a week giving the call signs requested.
    Good Luck & 73,
    Allen / G0AGC

    • Hi Peter. A quick follow up to your fairly old message about c/s’s.

      Regarding the Sirsa, I was on her in 1971, and took her to scrap in HK in the latter part of that year. We had a full cargo of scrap iron for discharge in Shanghai, which was a lot of fun, I don’t think! Had a month alongside there, with lots of ‘interesting’ things to do, namely, the escorted tours of various Peoples’ Party stuff, like farms, factories, etc. I was threatened at gunpoint by soldiers and all for daring to read a paperback novel on deck. Happy days. Thinking of writing a short sort of book about that trip. Our captain took very sick enroute for bunkers in HK from ZSC. Had to be taken off the ship on arrival, before we went north to Shanghai, poor man. My first experience with medico over morse code.

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