Another great issue.
But one comment re: Tom Merrill’s article “I see no Ships”.
Tom mentions the War Office having a tx/rx station located at Boddington outside Chelmsford. Can’t find that, however, not too far from me is an MoD site in the village of Boddington just to the West of Cheltenham. This used to be known as RAF Boddington in the 80s and while there is no longer an aerial farm at the site, it certainly used to be a radio site. Previous employment prevents me from divulging it’s current use.
Graham Wright
ROA #79

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  1. Not the old confusion between Chelmsford and Cheltenham at work?
    Back in the 1970s we accommodated a nursing colleague of my wife who was normally resident in the Nurses Home at St John’s Hospital Chelmsford. She did not want to be married from the Home and arranged with my wife that she would stay overnight with us and the wedding party would depart from our home for the marriage ceremony at the Chelmsford Registry Office.

    A large party of the bride’s relatives were travelling down from the North of England to attend the ceremony but as our departure time approached, they had not appeared. As the bride and bridesmaids were leaving, the phone rang. I answered it and was asked to confirm the time of the wedding since the travelling party had arrived, but were unable to find any trace of any such arrangements, at the Registry Office, Sadly they were in Cheltenham.

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