PMG Examinations – Examiners notes

I am trying to locate the exam records when I took my PMG at Norwood Tech in 1966. I visited the Maritime Museum, Liverpool last summer. I believed these records were held there. With some help from an archivist I located all college records including Norwood Tech, but for 1966 onward the records were missing for all colleges. The trail ended there as the archivist said for 1966 onward all records had been sent down to the Bodleian Library into the Marconi Collection. I asked why 1966 was chosen and was left with a blank expression. Since then I have been in contact with the Senior Archivist at the Bodleian, who has located my employment with Marconi Marine and I can see these records once I get a Readers Card to join the Bodleian. However he has not received any papers from Liverpool. So I am hoping that some helpful R/O will be able to point me in the right direction
Best Regards
Phillip Malone

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