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Greetings all fellow members, esp. ex MN R/O’s!  Just joined and wanted to introduce myself – hoping to come across old contacts but this may be difficult as I’m getting on a bit now!  ๐Ÿ™‚

Ex MIMCO sparks – East Ham Depot 1967 – sailed as Junior RO and full RO for just over 5 years – not long – but travelled worldwide which was most enjoyable – many happy memories.  Junior with Shell Tankers then Blue Star Line, Bank Line (Andrew Weir & Son), Manchester Liners, Sugar Line (Tate & Lyle), then several short HT and Foreign trips with Ben Line, WA Souter & Port Line.  Definitely variety!  After leaving MN joined BAS (British Antarctic Survey) as WOM (Wireless op/mech) based on South Georgia (approx 900m ESE of Falkland Is) ’72-’74.  Then with RACAL and many other co’s as Service/Field Engineer, Training Manager in vars positions then vars. other telecomms/electronic engineering/training jobs with Motorola, Tandberg & CISCO (Video conferencing/Collaboration Tools).  Retired in 2013.

73’s   Jon/G4JOB (not active but plan to change that!)

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  1. Interesting career.
    I was in the Royal Signals reading the weather and sending reports in 5 figure groups on RATT from South Georgia to Fleet Northwood and old Met office Bracknell. Later went Merchant RO training at Greenhithe. I went to Fremantle, W.Australia to work on boats and ships but never went to sea. Had to convert to GMDSS early 90’s if i wanted to go to sea but changed career. G0OZU like you not a station owner. Maybe next wife wont mind a radio shack in the garden…

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