Radio officers on BBC ALBA

Hi Tony.   A suggestion for those of us unable to access that BBC programme with iPlayer.   Were you to bring a DVD copy to our upcoming AGM get together at Chelmsford, t’would be good!.  Bound to be a decent screen there.     73’s OM,   Bruce Graham.

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  1. Hi Bruce
    We had considered exactly what you suggest but have decided not to do it for two reasons. Firstly the programme is about one hour long and we do not have a spare hour either during the AGM or over the course of dinner. We already have a short dvd planned after dinner and that is to be followed by a quiz. Secondly we are not too sure about the copyright situation showing a complete BBC programme to quite a large audience. A short extract might be OK but not so sure about the full programme. I think there will be several people in the same position that do not have access to iPlayer so I will burn some copies of the programme and give them to whoever wants them.

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