Radio officers on BBC ALBA

Hi Tony.   A suggestion for those of us unable to access that BBC programme with iPlayer.   Were you to bring a DVD copy to our upcoming AGM get together at Chelmsford, t’would be good!.  Bound to be a decent screen there.     73’s OM,   Bruce Graham.

Where are you now?

Am trying to locate the Chief RO, John or was it Val [?] Gannon from Ballinrobe Co Mayo who ”educated” a rather callow trainee fresh out of Tivoli REI, Cork, back in 1965 onboard ore carrier MV PENNYWORTH . Anyone with info?.  73’s, Bruce Graham.

Ships call signs

Hi Kris.     QSL on that info OM, many thanks esp ”SS Horsted GJQD” an elderly Stevie Clark collier  they put me on.   The ”Moorpark” connection explains a mystery as I didn’t in fact serve on a ghost ship ‘cos the origonal Horsted was sunk in WW2!.     Cheers, Bruce Graham/633.

Ships Call Signs

Hi Tony.   Many thanks for trying.   Bit odd no record of those 2 Home trade vessels I served on not being listed whilst sailing under the British flag,  [ss Horsted – of Stephenson Clarke and mv Free Enterprise 1 – of Townsend Ferries],  circa mid 1960’s.     Anyone with info?.  73’s.  BGraham.