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Hi Tony.   Many thanks for trying.   Bit odd no record of those 2 Home trade vessels I served on not being listed whilst sailing under the British flag,  [ss Horsted – of Stephenson Clarke and mv Free Enterprise 1 – of Townsend Ferries],  circa mid 1960’s.     Anyone with info?.  73’s.  BGraham.


  1. Hi

    F.E.1. was indeed GIAR – I spoke to her many times every day for many years when I was at GNF, she sent TRs and made QRJs all the time. However immedately after the tragedy of the Herald of Free Entrerprise , and I mean literally the next day, Townsends re-named the entire “Free Enterprise 1 to 7 ” fleet , I cannot remember what she became re-named as.

    regards Paul

  2. As a PS GJQD fits for Horsted as it’s the callsign allocated to her previous incarnation as Moorwood in 1945. Courtsy of Signal Letters of British Ships 1959.

  3. Hi Graham,
    Free Enterprise I is listed with the callsign GIAR in my copy of Lloyds Registry for 1975-76. ONo. 5120752 built 1962-4.

  4. Graham, In Lloyds Register 1962-63 A Townsend ferry is listed as Free Enterprise but with no call sign and it would appear to be a new build at that stage. No official number has been allocated other than the Lloyds index number of 61822. She is shown as being 2500 gross tons but no other tonnage is listed such as net or summer deadweight. Builder is NF Werf Gusto. TM Ferry, 316′ 6″ 53′ 10″
    Would this be your ship? Regards Roger

  5. Hi BGraham, “Horsted” listed in 1960 List of Ship Stations as GJQD listed as Cargo Ship with Radar, MF and R/T H8 watch. No reference to Free Enterprise1 – presume came later than 1st Edition December 1960 Hope this helps. 73’s N Kelly

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