1. I joined the ROA a couple of hours ago. And there’s a question to which I should know the answer but I see Tony has answered it. I joined the Statesman on 3/2/66 in New York and paid off on 4/4/67 in New York. Spent a day in NY to ensure I didn’t get back to UK before 5th April. Ten weeks on the Vietnam coast, apart from umpteen ports in US and Japan. One of my best ever trips.

  2. Tony
    Many thanks for the information, much appreciated.
    I sailed on her in the early 70’s when she was attacked by the Viet Cong in Vietman, and nearly sunk her and I even go to send SOS, the full monty, alarm signal as well.
    Walked off the bridge wing into the lifeboat as she had a bit of a list!
    Best wishes

  3. Jeremy.
    London Statesman was GLPA.

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