A request for help

We have been contacted by Dr. Jo Stanley requesting information from our members about female Radio Officers. Jo asks ” I’m writing an educational book about women’s history at sea, which includes a chapter on R/Os. Already I’ve put together something from a Ship’s Nostalgia discussion, Joanna Greenlaw’s book, and various other sources. But I could do with the professional advice of some veterans. It would be really helpful if your members could help me:

1. link up with any such women and those who’ve worked with them

2. by sharing any stories about women R/Os on ships

3. advise me about how to understand their situation in the different periods of history”

I have had a long and pleasant conversation with Jo and given her some information and she has already closed the loop with Rose King, who is, of course, the perfect person to speak to.  Can any members who feel they can assist Jo in the first instance please send an email to Tony Selman who will pass the details on to Jo.

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