World War 2 book

For information of membership if interested I am publishing the memoir of my late father (Alex. Anderson), ‘Hunter to Hunted – Surviving Hitler’s Wolf Packs’ (Diaries of a Merchant Navy Radio Officer, 1939-45). Graduating from the Dundee Wireless College, he served on Salvesen ships on the North Atlantic Convoys from age 19 as 3rd R/O … Read more

ss Explorer Preservation Society

Would you be kind enough to circulate this to your membership please on behalf of the SS Explorer Preservation Society? SS. Explorer,  a large, 1000t,  1955 steam powered sidewinder trawler on the Historic Ships Register is being slowly reinstated as a heritage visitor attraction in the port of Leith, Edinburgh.  It is open for … Read more

A request for help

We have been contacted by Dr. Jo Stanley requesting information from our members about female Radio Officers. Jo asks ” I’m writing an educational book about women’s history at sea, which includes a chapter on R/Os. Already I’ve put together something from a Ship’s Nostalgia discussion, Joanna Greenlaw’s book, and various other sources. But I could … Read more

Maritime DVD’s

I have recently become friendly with Joe Clark who is a former Orient Line Purser.  Joe left the sea and went into banking but retained his love of the sea and once he retired he turned his hand to producing maritime nostalgia dvd’s with a particular emphasis on Ocean Liners and Cruising.  For perhaps obvious … Read more

The Best of QSO

Those of you that attended the AGM last year know that the Committee agreed to undertake the task of seeing if a book that was generically titled “The Best of QSO” could realistically be created.  There have been many excellent articles in QSO over the years and it was thought that not all members will … Read more


Before the website went live there was a spirited debate between, shall we say, the older members of the ROA and the young upstarts as to what was the correct braid that a smart R/O should be seen in.  Your esteemed treasurer, J. Garner Esq., was solidly in the wavy braid camp, whereas I, T. … Read more