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I have recently become friendly with Joe Clark who is a former Orient Line Purser.  Joe left the sea and went into banking but retained his love of the sea and once he retired he turned his hand to producing maritime nostalgia dvd’s with a particular emphasis on Ocean Liners and Cruising.  For perhaps obvious reasons he has a slight bias towards P&O and Orient Lines (quite rightly so in my opinion!) but his output is by no means exclusive to them and many more shipping lines are covered in his repertoire.  He regards production of the dvd’s as a hobby rather than a business but that does not do justice to some very interesting watching in my opinion.  I think it is fair to say that his output is not as well known as the more extensive range from Snowbow and some members I have spoken to about maritime nostalgia did not know about Joe’s dvd’s.  I provide a link below to his website and hasten to add I am not on commission but I think it might be useful to a few members whom I know, like me, are avid collectors of maritime nostalgia.

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  1. Excellent link, thanks Tony.
    Aside, . . . now that we have a video clip from Paul ref radio in Jamaica, perhaps others will send suitable video from their time at sea.I remember so many guys with cine cameras, there must be ‘merchant navy’ material out there.

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