Spotted something recently on a book about Palm Line.I did a trip down West Africa on Makeni Palm in ’ R/O Skipper was Hughie Bunker and I believe Steward was a chap called Bryce. Anyone help with the book title on info on the two men. Tks Gerry Grimes


  1. Hi Again Robin.
    Since our last QSO I discovered a lot of comment and blogs on Palm Line and see much mention of Capt Hughie Bunker and some mention of Steward Andy Bryce.Both men well regarded. It was in ’67 that I sailed with PL and have some photos taken on the beach at Lagos.
    I see a blog on the forum of another site by a chap who also sailed on the Makeni Palm in ’67. I believe he is in the photo. He later was to become a skipper. I will be contacting him soon.
    I will catch up on the book you mentioned soon but in the meantime I’m reading a yarn called “Palm Oil and small chop” While I was relatively new to sea life at the time, the book does bring back memories of what was an interesting and educational voyage down the coast, all the way down to Matadi on the Congo river. 73’s Gerry

  2. Hi Gerry
    I sailed on the Lokoja Palm in 1961/2 as R/O.
    I have a book on Palm Line but there is no mention of the 2 crew you quoted but it has a good picture of the Makeni Palm (ex British Rover)
    The book is titled “Palm Line” by Laurence Dunn & P M Heaton. ISBN No 1 87200006 01 9
    If it is of interest. Robin Powell

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