1. I purchased 2 “Seldec” Radio Room clocks a number of years ago and used it at
    Bernradio/HEB. One is now with me at home and works very well. The other was sent to a colleague.

    Just for information: a Swiss Yachting site also produces a “Radio Room” clock and very good it is too.(www.compass24.ch: the site is only in German and French I’m afraid) I sent one to John Stafford, who is also an ROA member and lives in Bayreuth, Germany.
    He’s very pleased with it, although it doesn’t have a wooden plinth like the Seldec one.

  2. Dave, I recently bought a Radio Room clock when I refurbished my study and called it ‘Radio Room’. I purchased a clock from the company below. The owner is an ex R/O and I had a long chat with him and he gave me a discount which is always welcome.
    A registry of call signs might be a bit harder to find. If you are not already a member have a look at:- http://www.shipsnostalgia.com and there are threads on there under Forums: The Radio Room where people are looking for old publications of some description. Good luck.
    Kind regards

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