Great Time at AGM


This is Stan McNally

Just like to say I mangaed to get into the group, web Site after a few attempts.
Hello All
I really enjoyed the AGM and the meal and conversation at the end was really great .
Hope you enjoyed the vist to our FORT PERCH ROCK. and thanks for taking part in our salute to Capt Robin Woodall (Ex Capt QE2)

Best regards,



  1. For Geoff Valentine. ROARS Webpage.

    Apologies 2 typoes:

    MISSION STATEMENT Bullet 3 – should read …………..”a professional standard….”

    NATIONAL ASSET Bullet 7 – should read………………….”amateur callsigns……”

    73 de Charles Shelton G0GJS /Nr.090

  2. Hi Guys,
    Like Tony McN, I really enjoyed the AGM. This was my 3rd AGM and certainly
    “The Best of AGM’s”… so far. Fort Perch Rock was well worth my 1st visit and the “Staff” were MN/Radio Oracles!!. The meals were great and the staff very friendly.
    Congratulations to Tony S and Colman S for their new appointments and I look forward to future AGM’s with relish. The converstaions at the evening meal were classic…. e.g…Colman and his lovely wife are planning a marathon from Dungloe to Loughrea to raise funds to re-open Galway Airport.. please support them.. until April 2012 then …
    cheers, Joe Duffy.

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