Stories of a “Marconi Man”

Many years ago while being part of the VHF squad at Marconi Depot in Liverpool I had the task of investigating the strange happenings concerning the Master on the Irish Ferry “Munster”. The Master reported that every time he used the Argonaut VHF he got an electric shock. No other officer had had the same … Read more

Talking of Aerials

On the good ship Lloydcrest when we docked in Rotterdam after a fairly rough passage across the Atylantic, I was visited by the Radio Surveyor. I had been reported  by the American’s for being  off frequency during my Short Wave transmissions. When he saw what I was operating with a Marconi 381/398 transmitters and I … Read more

Great Time at AGM

Hi, This is Stan McNally Just like to say I mangaed to get into the group, web Site after a few attempts. Hello All I really enjoyed the AGM and the meal and conversation at the end was really great . Hope you enjoyed the vist to our FORT PERCH ROCK. and thanks for taking … Read more