Talking of Aerials

On the good ship Lloydcrest when we docked in Rotterdam after a fairly rough passage across the Atylantic, I was visited by the Radio Surveyor.

I had been reported  by the American’s for being  off frequency during my Short Wave transmissions. When he saw what I was operating with a Marconi 381/398 transmitters and I told him how the aerial  swayed during the passage and the buffer amp  was not much good, he was a lttle more understanding. Further assuring him that I would get the Terch’s aboard when we got back to the UK, he left quite satisfied

I felt you  were’nt a fully trained RO until you had been reported by the Yanks.

I also got one for calling too many times without giving my callsign

Try getting through to Mena Al Amadi (MBU)  if you did’nt call him about 20 times( MBU  MBU   MBU etc) before giving you callsign- you would never get through – when he said “de” you jumped in with both feet!

He would only select about ten ships before he called it a day.

Stan McNally


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