Maritime Radio Day (MRD) 2013

Was reading the info on this event which is to take place from 1200Z April 14th to 2300Z April 15th and notice that you have quoted the elapsed time to be 36 hours.

For the times given 1200Z from one day to 2300Z the next day the elapsed time is 35-hours and not 36-hours.

I think, Dave, you may mean operation from 1200Z to (2400Z) 2359Z (to be pedantic) is indeed 36-hours.

Please clarify.

Incidently I have applied for CEPT operation from Mugla-Dalaman using the call TA4/MX0ROA over this period of time. Lets hope there is a favourable outcome from TCSWAT!

73 de Tony SEDMAN

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you throughout MRD Tony…

    Malc/F5VBU/GM3UIN ex TA2/G3UIN

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